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Frankie & Johnny
Jack Dupree's version

Well Frankie, Frankie told Johnny
Lord I want a diamond ring
Poor Johnny told Frankie, I'll get you four diamond rings

Now Johnny went to the German
On Rampart and Dumaine
He walked in the store, the German had a diamond in his hand

Teena, teena na
Teena, na ne na
Teena na na na, teena na na ne na

Oh Johnny Johnny shot the German
Lord and he shot him through the head
He ran out the door and he fell on the sidewalk dead

When Frankie Frankie got the news
That the jury marked him dead
She come runnin' hollerin', Lord talkin' all out her head

Well Johnny started to runnin'
Lord and he didn't know where to go
They found Johnny hidin' in the grocery store next door

Till the police handcuffed and beat him
And they took Johnny out of sight
He said that's all right Frankie, everything gonna be all right

Teena, teena ne na
Teena na na ne na
Teena na na na, teena na ne na ne na