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Even Steven   (Roberts/Burnett)

Stevie, don't you let her go
Don't you have the sense to know
the love you're leavin'
If you let her walk away
Loneliness is gonna take away your meanin'
Don't be scared of speakin' your mind
Everyone gets lonely sometime-
Even Steven

Stevie, what is wrong with you
Treatin' her the way you do
With no good reason
Stevie, won't you ever learn
What you get is what you earn
An' now she's leavin'
Loved you more than words could explain
Don't be scared to love her the same
Even Steven

I get the feelin' maybe Stevie might be
dreamin' it all away

Stevie says he doesn't care
if she's gone or if she's there
I don't believe him
If he doesn't know he's wrong
He'll find out before too long
That empty feelin'
No one sees the things that you hide
Lookin' good but losin' inside
Even Steven

Firefall  "Luna Sea"
1976  Stephen Stills Music, BMI/
Powder Music, ASCAP

Rick Roberts tells:
Even Steven wasn't written about any
of the Steven's (Stephen's) or Stevie's
that we know.
The song is about love being
(or supposed to be) a balanced exchange.
Give and take.