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Dirty Little Secret (Nash / Kunkel)

Greenwood Oklahoma, June of 1921
Someone set the night on fire
Lost a lot of people as the day begun
Who lit the funeral pyre

On an elevator in the heart of town
Someone make somebody scream
Black and white, going up and down
Who's gonna lose a dream

Dirty Little Secret

Headlines printed in the daily news
Awake the sleeping rage inside
Disarm the people, keep 'em all confused
Kill before they turn the tide

Dirty Little Secrets going round
Whispering from ear to ear
Burning down the very heart of town
Nobody shed a tear

Dirty Little Secret
Dirty Little Secret

Look up to the sky, your tears fall from the clouds
But Greenwood don't you cry, just shout it right out loud
It's such a Dirty Little Secret

Getting so much darker every day
It's hard to rise above it all
Can't we get along? I heard somebody say
Who's gonna make the call?

Cause all the walking wounded pay the price
For living in the promised land
Take care of your neighbor would be my advice
Cause nothing ever goes as planned

It's such a Dirty Little Secret
Dirty Little Secret
Dirty Little Secret
Dirty Little Secret