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Crying in the Night (Stevie Nicks)

She was that kind of lady
Times were hard... wo
But she could come curling 'round you
Like fingers

But she'll leave you
Crying in the night
She will leave you
Crying in the night
Wo... she's gonna to leave you
Crying in the night
She's back in town
And she's looking around

Say you needed someone to depend on
You're all alone
She's the only one
Who can come take you far away
Take your breath away

Come on baby
She's the wrong kinda girl
She's a come-on lady
She's a tarnished pearl
She'll take your money
She'll wreck your world
Wreck your world
She's a come-on lady
Come-on girl
Oh... "come-on" girl
Oh... come on... girl
She's back
And she's looking around

Outtake from Undertow