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(P. & V. Garvey)

As we marched into Brandywine, it was a sight to see:
A giant of a man with a hammer in his hand beneath the old oak tree
And all around him on the ground, in fatal disarray
Lay a score of men who'll never fight again, or travel on the King's highway

CHORUS: Make it one for Washington and all his gallant men
One for the girl that once was mine
Make it one for the darling boy I'll never see again
And one for the blacksmith of Brandywine

We dug his grave, covered him o'er, and sadly wept a tear
Spent the day ridin' on our way till we met with a musketeer
From him we learned the story of this brave and angry man
Who undertook the British enemy with a hammer in his hand. CHORUS

In Chestertown there lived a man away from the cannon's roar
Of manner mild, his woman and child, no man could ever love more
But the Tories spoke of a plot one day to waylay Washington
And he left his home and family alone. To the general he did run. CHORUS

His errand done, he journeyed home but sorrow there he found
By British guns his wife and son lay still on the cold hard ground
Well, that blacksmith reached for his heavy sledge and he gave a practice swing
And they say on the line at Brandywine, they hear that hammer sing

CHORUS: Make it one...

And don't forget the blacksmith....