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McGuinn's Folk Den Vol.1

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1. Mighty Day  (trad.) 7. Wayfaring Stranger (trad.)
2. Pushboat  (trad.) 8. Finnegan's Wake
3. John The Revelator  (trad.) 9. James Alley Blues  (trad.)
4. The Bonny Ship The Diamond  (trad.) 10. Home On The Range (trad.)
5. John Henry  (trad.) 11. Mary Had A Baby (trad.)
6. The Handsome Cabin Boy  (trad.)

McGuinn's Folk Den Vol.2


1.  John Riley  (trad.) 7.  Springfield Mountain (trad.)
2.  Virgin Mary (trad.) 8.  In The Evenin'  (trad.)
3.  900 Miles (trad.) 9.  Buffalo Skinners (trad.)
4.  Old Paint (trad.) 10. The Argonaut (trad.)
5.  Easter Morn  (trad.) 11. Liverpool Girls (trad.)
6.  Old Texas (trad.)

McGuinn's Folk Den Vol.3

1. Alabama Bound  (trad.) 7. Oh You New York Girls (trad.)
2. Sail Away Lady (trad.) 8. The Cold Coast of Greenland (McGuinn)
3. Get Along Little Dogies (trad.) 9. Trouble In Mind (trad.)
4. Brisbane Ladies 10. I Saw 3 Ships  (trad.)
5. Cane Blues 11. The Greenland Whale (trad.)
6. Blood Red Roses  (trad.)

McGuinn's Folk Den Vol.4

Willie Moore South Australia
The Star Spangled Banner  Boatman  (trad.)
Alberta Whiskey in the Jar (Kilgary Mountain)  (trad.)
If I Had Wings  The Cruel War
East Virginia  (trad.) Auld Long Syn (trad.)
Faithless Flora  (Lilly Of The West)

To listen to this songs you may go to McGuinn's Folk Den