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Gene Clark



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1.  You Showed Me  (Clark/McGuinn) 21. Dark Hollow  (Browning)
2.  Feel A Whole Lot Better  (Clark) 22. One In A Hundred  (Clark)
3.  Set You Free This Time  (Clark) 23. She's The Kind Of Girl  (Clark)
4.  She Don't Care About Time  (Clark) 24. With Tomorrow  (Clark/Davis)
5.  Tried So Hard  (Clark) 25. Spanish Guitar  (Clark)
6.  So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Clark) 26. The Virgin  (Clark)
7.  The French Girl  (Tyson/Fricker) 27. Opening Day  (Clark)
8.  Los Angeles (Purdy/Laramy Smith/Clark) 28. Winter In  (Clark)
9.  I Pity The Poor Immigrant  (Dylan) 29. The American Dreamer  (Clark)
10. That's Alright By Me  (Clark) 30. Full Circle Song  (Clark)
11. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Clark/Leadon) 31. In A Misty Morning  (Clark)
12. Why Not Your Baby  (Clark) 32. I Remember The Railroad  (Clark)
13. The Radio Song  (Clark/Leadon) 33. Silver Raven  (Clark)
14. Git It On Brother  (L.Flatt) 34. The True One  (Clark)
15. Something's Wrong  (Dillard/Clark) 35. Lady Of The North  (Clark)
16. Wall Around Your Heart  (Reno/Smiley/Smith) 36. Hear The Wind  (Clark)
17. No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine (Reno/Smiley/Swift)    37. Silent Crusade  (Clark)
18. Through The Morning, Through The Night (Clark) 38. Past Addresses  (Clark)
19. Kansas City Southern  (Clark) 39. Fair & Tender Ladies  (Trad.Arr.Clark)
20. Polly  (Clark) 40. Changes  (P.Ochs)
41. Mr. Tambourine Man  (Dylan)