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Gram Parsons
and the Fallen Angels

LIVE 1973


Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Neil Flanz, N.D.Smart II, Kyle Tullis, Jock Bartley

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1. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning (Allsup)   7.   Streets Of Baltimore  (Glaser/Howard)
2. Country Baptizing (C Bakestraw) 8.   That's All It Took  (Edwards/Grier/Jones)
3. Drug Store Truck Drivin'Man (McGuinn/Parsons) 9.   Love Hurts  (Bryant)
4. Big Mouth Blues  (Parsons) 10. California Cottonfields  (Frazier/Montgomery)
5. The New Soft Shoe  (Parsons) 11. Six Days On The Road  (Green/Montgomery)
6. Cry One More Time  (Wolf/Justman) 12. Meddley - Bonie Moronie (Williams)
                   - Forty Days  (Berry)
                   - Almost Grown  (Berry)