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Earl Scruggs
performing with his family and friends

rel. 1972


1. Nine Pound Hammer
2. Lonesome Reuben
3. My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains (feat. Joan Baez)
4. Love Is A Four Letter Word (feat. Joan Baez)
5. The Last Thing On My Mind (feat. Doc Watson)
6. Streamlined Cannonball (feat. Doc Watson)
7. Nashville Skyline Rag (feat. Bob Dylan)
8. Foggy Mountain Breakdown (feat. Gil Trythall)
9. You Ain't Goin Nowhere (feat. The Byrds)
10. Nothin' To It (feat. The Byrds)
11. Salty Dog Blues (feat. Morris Brothers)
12. On Top Of Old Smokey (feat. Morris Brothers)
13. Black Mountain Rag (feat.Randy Scruggs)
14. Foggy Mountian Breakdown