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Graham Nash, David Crosby, Russ Kunkel, Dean Parks, James Raymond, Leland Sklar, Jeff Pevar, Matt Rollings, Windy Wagner, Dan Dugmore, Steve Farris, Luis Conte, Nathaniel Kunkel


  1.  Lay Me Down (Raymond)
  2.  Puppeteer (Raymond)
  3.  Through Here Quite Often  (Crosby Parks)
  4.  Grace (Raymond)
  5.  Jesus Of Rio  (Nash Pevar)
  6.  I Surrender (Marc Cohn)
  7.  Luck Dragon  (Crosby Raymond)
  8.  On The Other Side Of Town  (Nash)
  9.  Half Your Angels  (Nash)
10.  They Want It All (Crosby)
11.  How Does It Shine? (Crosby)
12.  Don't Dig Here (Nash Raymond Kunkel)
13.  Milky Way Tonight (Nash)
14.  Charlie (Crosby Parks)
15.  Penguin In A Palm Tree (Nash)
16.  Michael (Hedges Here) (Nash)
17.  Samurai (Crosby)
18.  Shining On Your Dreams  (Crosby Kunkel)
19.  Live On (The Wall) (Nash Flannery Proffer Plunkett)
20.  My Country 'tis Of Thee (trad.)