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Soft Soundin' Music (Scoppertone/Templeman)

1. When I used to play guitar till my fingers used to bleed
I listened to the music of the B.B. King and Lightning Jimmy B.
Through the years I found out that it's not how loud you play
It's the way you play, the way you say, just what you gotta say

- And if it's soft soundin' music, that's the kind to set me free
Yes, if it's soft soundin' music, it's the only kind for me

2. Well, we used to sing like fools and the seaside was our stage
Johnny was a-rockin' in every town from New Jersey to L.A.
Some folks they liked beaches and others they liked pairs
But I'd just feel that when the heat was on and it was grooving, then who cares?

- Well, it was soft soundin' music...

3. I got soft talkin' ears and the music do me good
It makes a conversation almost quiet than the worse
I never seem to get enough of what I like to hear
And the music talking girls they whisper in my ear

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