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Pay Attention To Me (Templeman/Scoppeton/James/Yount)

Well every afternoon about half past three my baby's headin' for the record store
I can't figure out for the life of me why she always got to have some more
Well, she's my ever loving baby but it's so plain to see
She doesn't ever wanna pay attention to me

She'a got a forty seven buck to buy a record and pickin' out the pictures of a magazine
She's annoyed that I tell her that she shouldn't pay a dollar, she's a never pay attention to me
I'm gonna have to tell her just to wake up and see
I'm gonna have to tell her: Pay attention to me

Well she's betting all the quarters in the jukebox just get some rock'n'roll or rhythm and blues
Oh she's turning around to the radio man just to see if he can read up the news
I'm gonna have to tell her just to wake up and see
Or someone else is gonna pay attention to me

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