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Jessie (Griffin/Gordon)

1. Here I am back in the same old place
where we used to play, me and the gang

2. Nothing's changed, I just can't believe
that it's been a year, everyone's here

There's old Frank, does he still clean up the bank?
What's with Joe, does he still work at the show?

- Do you see Jessie around anymore?
Does she still look just the same as before?
How come she isn't around,
doesn't she know I'm in to - wn?

- It doesn't matter I really could care
But does she still wear that rose in her hair?
How come no one seems to care a thing about
Can't they know?

3. It's a shame, I could stay longer
but I've got to go, business, you know
It's your town, give the people
all my best regards, here is my card

If you see Jessie, just tell her
If you see Jessie, just tell her

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