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Happyland (Randy Newman)

The wind is cold, the morning skies are gray
And through the fog I walk along the bay
Past a regiment of rusty swings
On sandy fields of broken things

Ferris wheel was turnin and the roller coaster roared
Summer sun was burning on the hot dog stands and the candy stores
They had chocolate ice cream, apples on a stick
Big old jars with gumdrops in 'em and if you guessed it right you'd win 'em

- Happyland, Happyland, land that dreams are made of
Happyland, Happyland
You could have a real nice time, any ride for just one dime

What a great place to be four, five and they left you alone
They have these cars that you could drive in, pretend you were old
I was much better off when I was pretending everything's far too real

Happyland, Happyland, land that dreams are made of
Carousels, wishing wells
Da da da da da da da, da da da da
Ferris wheel was turning...

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