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Cowboy (Gene Bob Smith)

1. Way out on the dusty trail just a movin' right along
Rides a band of cowboys singin' the cowboy's song
Ten miles to Tilde, Texas gonna drink up all their pay
Bunch of restless riders whistlin' all the way

- Just a singin' Cowboy, oh, Cowboy,
We'll be trusted friends until this story ends and it's time to go
Just a singin' Cowboy, oh, Cowboy,
We are good old boys and we're on our way back home

-- Ride on rusty cowboy won't you ride on
Guide us through the mountains and the great beyond
Bend the leaves with your hot dry hands
Push the dusty doggies get us home again, home again

2. 2700 hundred cattle they're rockin' heavy through the snow
And an old chuck wagon follow the windin' road
This desert rain will pass us and cause a washout down the line
Thank the Lord above we'll get them there on time

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