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Your Rider (P. Lewis)

1. He got a feelin' makes him want to run, chases destiny into the sun
Havin' a good time cause it ain't no sin, your Rider,
Everybody knows him and the places he's been

2. Smoke and thunder's coming down the road
Over his shoulder should the stars explode
There ain't no reason that he'd turn it around, your Rider,
Keep on movin' to wherever he's bound

- He don't care where the future brings him (cause he is lookin' down)
Cause it won't be long before he says goodbye (he's gonna make you cry)
Suddenly, should your good things all be gone
Before you even knows why, your Rider,
Better never let your well run dry, your Rider

- What could it be he's looking for (who's gonna count the score)
That keeps him from leavin' the past behind (he's just the restless kind)
What does it matter any more
After all this time, your Rider
What's it take to make him change his mind
Your Rider, your Rider, your Rider

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