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Sweet Ride [Never Again] (R. Mosley/P. Lewis/A. Spence/D. Stevenson/J. Miller)

1. I was a blind man, a run and hide man
Took a sweet ride once but never again

I got my head turned, then I got burned
You left me cryin' but never again

- What can I say, please don't torture me
Girl, all I'm asking is that you set me free, leave my life, go, just walk away

2. I've been a fool today, I bought it right away
Down and cryin', but never again

Should have seen them evil eyes, heartbreak and alibis
I'm might give you once, but never again

- What can I say now, you know I'm down, go ahead, step on me, girl, pass me 'round
I should have known that you would be the one, the only one who could bother me girl

3. I was a blind man...

- I don't want those same old lies, I don't want your what's and whys
I stood by and let you take my mind, girl, I've lost it now and it's there for you to find

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