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Suzzam (Dean, Lebow)

1. When I say her walking I know that she's on her way
When I see her talking I know that she's not going astray
But here she comes again with a black black string at her thigh
She's a sweet white woman, living with the river survivors

2. She's got the time to stop by the avenue
But now she's here double show-dubbing heading for the wrong way route

- Well, she's working at the lawman's store, she's got to mess my time up before
Don't call her part-time lover, she's hard to satisfy, Suzzam

3. Here she comes again with a little black box emphasize
She's a hard-headed woman, she wanna leave out in the skies
She's got the time to sell a painted good or two
She's bout to sell not a sentence 'cause she's heading for the wrong way route

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