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Step Right Up (Jerry Miller)

1. Step right on up, tell me how do you feel,
I'd like to know, tell me, is it real, this thing I feel
Is it all in my imagination,
Honey, would you let me know I got to feel
Your warm lovin' hands 'cause I've been lonely way too long
And I feel as though I just don't understand,
I said I'd do the best I can (Said I'd do the best I can)
Honey, wanna be your man

2. Ain't it funny the way things change so tonight
You know they go from wrong to right, change from black to white,
But now it's fading out of sight, but that's all right
Is it all in my imagination...

3. Every day, I can feel it comin' down every way,
Got to get my feet back on the ground right away
Is it all in my imagination......

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