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Soul Stew (R. Mosley)

1. The shadowy darkness of a black painted room had been my inspiration
Sunshine, glow of her short blond hair was a bit of love's temptation

- People come and people go, time, alas, does too
Now we've gone our separate ways in search of someone new

2. The lamp from the ceiling, the bed on the floor, the place I hung my clothes
The beautiful dreams of music and love, girl, I love you, heaven knows

- People come...

- Yeah, but while I speak low, low deep inside I hear a voice begin
Saying fare thee well, goodbye, my love, hope we meet again

-- Said bye-bye, baby - Bye-bye, baby
Yeah, so long, baby - I'm sayin' "goodbye, girl"
It's been nice - yeah, good, baby
Man, I love ya - bye, bye, bye

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