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Rodeo (Pettigrew)

1. Remember back, at eight or three, sittin' on my daddy's knee
We played Rodeo
Maybe the wrong, couldn't be rode, now a little cowboy couldn't be thrown
And we played Rodeo

- Rodeo, sittin' high in the saddle, lookin' down, we'd go
And we played life's Rodeo

2. Life's Rodeo is hard and mean, hard to get in and come out clean
But it's better to be right than just to sit there and drink
So I ride in a Rodeo

- Rodeo...

3. Time is hard and it's hard to get by, if things get hard the harder I try
And I think about that old guy sittin' in the sun in the morning, making rye
I ride that Rodeo

- Rodeo---

4. I got me a little buckaroo in my arm, remember at night when I got home
We played Rodeo
Now I remember on that can't be rode, here's that little cowboy, can't be thrown
We played Rodeo

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