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Ode to the Man at the End of the Bar (Carl Mosley)

1. Hours passing slowly by, people, they come and go
I sit and drink a pitcher of beer and the world, it turns so slow

2. I asked the girl for another glass, I broke the one I had
I still have five, and thirty-four cents, I'm not doing so bad

- I came to this bar for a reason tonight to cry or was it to laugh
I don't really remember anymore but I still have two-and-a-half

3. Boy, this stool, it really fits me well, I'm about to fall asleep
Now I can't find the keys to the house or to my old red Jeep

4. It's time to go, I heard the girl say, "Last call" a while ago
Damn sure good, she said it so loud, I was about to fall on the floor

- Now she wants to call me a cab to take me from this place
I suppose I should really go, so drunk I can't feel my face

5. Boy, they really going to hate me here, I puked all over the floor
But I just remembered why I got so drunk as I was crawling out the door

6. My head's so big and it's seven AM, another day's about to begin
I just hope that five o'clock comes soon so I can start all over again

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