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Must Be Goin' Now Dear (Spence)

1. I am a farmer, the first way to dawn
I'm always working from twilight till dawn
Tie bitches in the basket or hang around your bed
Oh people, how can say you're feeding bases in the head
I am around now and I sing this melody
I always thought that you were that far away at sea

2. I was a member of the Victory Troopers
I am a kind of a solemn machine
Oh, but my baby always there with a trouble key
But anything I could say, fly, fly me my steer

3. Now I think a mystery is what a man can buy
Clean down the ashes, she's the kind that you love
Ain't nothin' for you that a poor boy really was here
Tryin' to tell my baby, must be goin' now dear

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