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Mr. Blues (R. Mosley)

1. Where's that old Mr. Blues? I guess he found a new home
Pushin' more trouble right down to the bone, I'm wonderin' why he's left me alone

2. Where's that old Mr. Blues? I guess he's steppin' on through now
Pushin' down places, all down and abused, pickin' on people with nothin' to lose

- I want you, people cause, somewhere you find out
Inside and outside, baby, nothin' to hide now
So come on in, let me tell ya the news cause I'm not afraid of you, Mr. Blues

3. Where's that old Mr. Blues? I guess he's gone away now
He's never been bothered with bein' unkind, listen here people, I've left him behind

Cause if you ever, ever should lose, you better come
Gotta, put down old Mr. Blues (let me tell ya), gotta put blues down on the table
Gotta let the blues go down, down my throat now

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