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I Wonder If It's All Worth It (Jerry Miller/Michael Been)

1. Sittin' up there all fat and round takin' my money is bound to bring me down
Lookin' like you done got it made, sittin' in the shade suckin' kool-aid
Sometimes I feel it's a dog-gone shame, at least I know I'm not to blame,
But sometimes, you know I wonder if it's all worth it

2. Times are bad but they could be worse,
You sure couldn't tell it by looking inside my purse
You tellin' me what I can and can't, you're always tellin' it like it ain't
Sometimes I feel it's a dog-gone shame...

- Gettin' to the top was a long time waitin',
Could have been sooner if it wasn't for you
I can't help it if you started off late,
And I don't care if you own the name

3. Standin' in the rain, tryin' to get paid, you inside tryin' to get laid
All your troubles and all your sins, you're gonna get it in the end
Sometimes I feel it's a dog-gone shame...

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