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Hard Road to Follow (R. Mosley/P. Lewis)

- So far away from those plans we made
On a winter's day in the rain
Yet I've erased the time and space since she was here with me
Through my tears a memory appears
Free of all those years filled with pain
And from my heart I play my part in her fantasy again

1. She walks the path away from me
Sometimes I notice I've been there before
With many a trail this way and that
Lonesome and free with the will of the wind and it's a hard road to follow

2. She lights my life with a rendezvous
She fills my soul with a burning fire
She's the worth of all I own, I call her light my blue desire
And it's a hard road to follow

3. Her love is fresh like a mountain spring
Her diamond shape of simple coal
She gives me peace and she gives me love
She helps me to save my gypsy soul
And it's a hard road to follow and it's a hard road to choose
And it's a hard road to wander and it's a hard road to lose

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