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Got To Get Back Home (Bob Mosley)

1. I wish I knew this feeling here inside of me
Hotel rooms and coffee shops about the only thing I see
I've got to get myself back home, leave this trip behind
Forget about my misery that keeps playin' on my mind

- I feel better movin' on, I feel better movin' on
I feel better movin' on and I've got to get back home, got to get back home

2. Here's the way I spend my time, only wall to wall
When I don't see home every day I don't see home at all
I heard this said by a guy I know one of my miserable days
I let him know what's up with me as we go our own ways

- I feel better, I feel better movin' on, I feel better

3. I don't feel much better now, now that I've had my say
Words don't change these blues for me, these blues don't go away
I don't like the way things go when I'm on the road alone
The only thing that works for me is this bedside telephone

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