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Gone Fishin' (Bob Mosley)

Every time I start to feel that things get uptight
I drop what I'm doin', make myself bright
Pick up my old boots, put my funky clothes on
Say goodbye to man and dog, I'm gone, gone, gone

Gone fishin', gone fishin',
Gone fishin', gone fishin'

Every night I dream and see the roads which lie ahead
Set the old alarm clock that threads above my bed
I get up real early before the sun is out
Down to the bay before the crowd and hear the seagulls shout

I'm gone fishin', gone fishin',
Gone fishin', gone fishin'

Fishin' is the only way that I can really think
Down by the sea where children play and orchards seals and things
I go again, I go a lot, it's really just a place
To look myself right in the eye and see life face to face

I'm gone fishin', gone fishin',
I'm gone fishin', gone fishin'

I met this girl who's sittin' at the bar
Said I like to take you for a long ride in my car
She said, sorry Joe, I rather comb my hair
So I hit her in the head and slapped the rain with my chair

I met this girl walkin' down the street
She said, you're cute, and kind of sweet
I said; I'm married, baby, I can't pretend
She said, that's okay, I'll take your friend

I said, I was home and healed after US meal
I met a woman, I said, how do you feel?
Said you know, baby, I'm just a bum
She said, that's okay, we'll see how much exactly where you're approaching from

Gone fishin', gone fishin',
Gone fishin', gone fishin'

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