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Going Nowhere (Stevenson/Miller)

1. I want to know where I'm going, you ain't going nowhere
Me don't care, you ain't going nowhere
Why do you listen to me? You got nothing to say
Would you give me your love? Yeah, I'll take it away, yeah

- I don't care, she don't care, he don't care, we don't care
You can take everything and throw it away

2. Takin' so much time, takes no time at all
I'm gonna walk the line, we're gonna watch you fall
Eyes shine through to me, see what you want to see
I want to know where we're goin', you ain't going nowhere

- I don't care...

3. Where's this place I'm stayin'? You ain't stayin' nowhere
Slip inside my line, whoa, you think I care
I'm gonna save the world, we're (goin') out to play
I'm gonna save the day, we're gonna see you hang

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