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Give It Hell (Miller)

1. Back in the Sixties I was livin' in the city
Once upon a night she would show I was great
Ridin' down the street in a big black car
Everyone would treat me like a movie star

- Somewhere along got there in the slum
Walked into a swamp and I landed in the dump
Ain't got nothin' left but a funky little mama
Baby, don't go, and mama, don't go

2. Well, I get up in the morning, tryin' to find myself a job
But it won't last, I ain't got a sup
Meet a welfare lady on the way, Lord, have mercy, now can't get the pay

- Somewhere along...

- - Well, it's stupid and plain, you just can tell
I shove around the corner and give it hell
Git it hell, give it hell, woman, give it hell

3. Now out on the streets it gets a little rough, I don't like things get tough
Out on the streets in a sleeping bag
Oh, I tell you it sure feels a drag

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