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Changing (Lewis)

1. Way back when I was young, nothin' but a rich man's son
I didn't know right from wrong
So I headed for the street, followin' my restless feet lookin' for solid ground

- I was changing, rearranging
I was changing and I know I ain't done yet

2. Further on down the line me and some friends of mine
Met up San Francisco way
Went out to sound the call in every house and hall
Where they let our music play

- Cause we were changing, rearranging
We were changing and I know we ain't done yet

3. Now at this later day whatever ain't so great
Don't let trouble feed your fear now
We've still got time to spend before the very end
And the future starts right now

4. When you're changing, reaaranging
When you're changing and you know you ain't done yet
Everybody's changing, we're here to stay

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