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Big (Miller/Stevenson)

1. They called me a weiner, I called them a nerd
Called her a whore and she called me a turd
I called her long distance, she said I's absurd
Not a discouraging word on the range could be heard

- And he asked me "How does it feel?"
Come a-ti-yi-yippie-yippie-yippie-yay, o-lo-lo-lo-leee
Oh, don't you cry for me

2. I started playing on somebody's amp, lasted me all through the night
Some cowboy grabbed that hay lady's snatch, said "If you have her stamped, it's all right"

- And I'm tired of being treated this way
Been used, abused, I'll be long gone
Don't try to find me, just watch for the stage I'll be on

3. Ran out of money 'bout six months ago, been livin' on cactus and plants
Now I'm thinkin' 'bout killin' my cow but I hear that they're gods and thou shall not kill

- And you ask me "How does it feel
When your best friend is all veal
And you're hungry?"

4. They try to tell you on radio show and on the TV screen
Nothin' these days seems make much sense, so, oh, vo-dee-o-do

- I'm tired of being treated this way...

5. Along with this record a plan of attack ride up to you with a gun at your back
And we invite you to purchase our side as you watch, on our ass, as we ride

- And I'm tired of being treated this way...

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